Insider Trading USA – 3 Free Resources for Tracking the Change in American Insider Ownership

In this article: “Insider Trading USA” I will reveal the 3 free resources for tracking the change in American insider ownership. In addition, I will also inform you how I use these resources myself, which you can read in the notes at the bottom of this page.


For tracking the insider trading in the USA, you can visit the website of offers different insights in the insider trading activity in American stocks through the following subpages:


Realtime insider trading report for all American stocks  Realtime Insider Trading Report 
Insider trading history of a specific company  Company List 
Insider trading history of a specific corporate officer  List of Corporate Officers 
Insider trading history of a specific company director  List of Company Directors 


In addition to, you can use the website of to track the insider stock trading in the USA. Just like (see our Insider Trading Canada page), is part of the INK Research Group. This is probably the reason that, next to tracking insider trading in the USA, you can track insider trading in Canada as well.

On the ‘Top Filers’ page on, you can view the top 20 North American companies (thus American and Canadian combined) with the most insider stock trading activity, by volume as well as by value. You can access this top filers page – which is updated after every trading day – by clicking here. However, before you can view the content on this page you first need to create a (free) account.

If you would like to monitor the change in insider stock ownership of certain stocks, you can receive email alerts from, free of charge for up to a maximum of 25 stocks. However, you first need to create a free account by clicking on this link, before you can actually monitor your own watchlist.


For information about insider trading and ownership of a specific American listed company, you should visit the website of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) at where you will see the following screen:

Search for Insider Trading in the USA on

After filling in the ‘Company name’ or ‘Ticker Symbol’ (both highlighted in yellow) and selecting the ‘Only’ option (red arrow) regarding the Ownership Forms 3, 4 and 51, you will gain insight into all the insider trading reports and insider ownership forms of an American listed company of your choice.

Note: I review the Top Filers page on every day before the exchanges open. I study this report carefully as it can provide me with possible buying and selling signals.

Note: Only when I have too much cash in my portfolio I sometimes also review the Realtime Insider Trading Report from, to find more stocks which I can potentially add to my portfolio.

Note: If I am working on my due diligence to determine if a certain American listed stock can be added to my portfolio, I always first visit the website of the SEC to inform myself about the recent stock trading by its insiders.

Note: When an American listed company is added to my stock portfolio, I add their ticker symbol to my watchlist on, so that I will receive automatic email alerts when insiders are buying and/or selling shares in the company.

Cautionary Note: Although I acknowledge the importance of the information insider trading reveals, I am cautious to draw conclusions about the insider trading which takes place in (late) December due to the January Effect.

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