Determine the Quality of Management

Assess the competence, experience, and track record of a company’s management team to gain insight into their ability to execute strategies, manage resources, and create value for shareholders.

  • Management CompensationWhere to Find Your Stock’s Management Compensation Data. Discover where to find management compensation data for American and Canadian listed stocks.
  • Management AssessmentHow to Evaluate the Quality of a Company’s Management. Learn how to evaluate a company’s Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A), their latest investor presentation, and press releases.
  • Management Evaluation10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Assessing Your Stock’s Management. Explore 10 questions to help you assess the quality of a company’s management.
  • Key Management PositionsWhat Competencies to Look for in Your Stock’s Management. Understand which management functions are considered key positions and the skills to look for in those roles.
  • Management Compensation ComparisonDoes Your Stock’s Management Rewards Itself Excessively. Learn how to compare your stock’s management compensation with that of similar companies to determine if it is excessive.
  • Management Compensation EvaluationHow Does the Change in Compensation Compare to the Performance of Your Stock’s Share Price. Discover how to compare changes in management compensation to changes in the company’s share price to assess if the compensation is fair and justified.

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