About UndervaluedEquity.com by Jeroen Snoeks (1978)

Jeroen SnoeksHello, my name is Jeroen and I am a fundamental stock market analyst from the Netherlands. I am also a small cap crypto enthusiast and an eternal student. However, most importantly, I am a happy husband and father of two beautiful daughters. At the age of 44, I am also a proud grandfather and still a Bon-Vivant pur sang.

How It All Started

In 2007-2008, I made the decision to start investing in the stock market. In hindsight, starting during the beginning of the Great Financial Crisis was not the smartest idea, as I initially lost a significant amount of money. However, I was able to recover most of my losses in a short period of time.

Realizing that I needed to become more knowledgeable about the field of investing, I began to read extensively on the subject. As I learned more, I felt compelled to do something with the information I had gathered.

Why UndervaluedEquity.com?

As I continued to invest in stocks, I noticed that there was no single website that could provide me with all the necessary information for conducting proper due diligence. While there were certainly useful websites available, none of them combined all of the necessary bits of information. That’s why I created UndervaluedEquity.com.

How This Website Will Help You

By consistently publishing my research on stock market investing since 2009, I am not only creating a perfect reference guide for my own investment analysis, but I am also providing a convenient and free investment resource for those interested in investing in undervalued stocks.

I hope you enjoy reading my content.

Best regards,

Jeroen Snoeks

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