How to Value the Stock Market

Understand various valuation methods and metrics used to determine the fair value of stocks.

  • S&P 500 PE RatioHow the Price Earnings Ratio Helps You to Valuate the Companies in the Standard and Poor 500. Understand how the Price Earnings Ratio helps you evaluate the companies in the Standard and Poor 500, and learn where to find the current valuation of the stock market.
  • Dow to Gold RatioHow Much Are All the Dow Jones Companies Worth Expressed in Gold. Explore the historic data and learn how to use it as a valuation metric for the stock market as a whole, and discover a source for finding the current Dow to Gold ratio.
  • The Gold to Silver Ratio – Unveiling the Potential in the Gold and Silver Market. This article explores the gold to silver ratio and its potential to guide investors in making decisions about the gold and silver markets.
  • January EffectHow Do Tax Loss Selling and Window Dressing Effect Your Stock Prices. Learn about the impact of tax loss selling and window dressing on your stock prices, and understand the general increase in (small) stock prices during the month of January.

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