Oil and Gas Companies Analysis – How to Invest in Energy Stocks

Oil and Gas Companies Analysis - How to Invest in Energy Stocks

To effectively analyze oil and gas companies, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of the terminology used in the energy sector and be familiar with relevant working methods. The following pages have been created to help you conduct your own oil and gas companies analysis.

General Information about the Oil and Gas Industry

  1. Oil and Gas Flow RatesHow to Determine if a Well’s Daily Production Range is Fair. Discover typical daily production ranges for oil and gas companies for both onshore and offshore production wells in the table on this page.
  2. Investing in Oil and Gas CompaniesThe Formula for Estimating Oil and Gas Resources. Learn the formula for estimating oil and gas resources to help you with investing in oil and gas companies.
  3. Resources and Reserves DefinitionsThe Relevant Terminology Used for Analyzing Oil and Gas Companies. Understand the different resources and reserves definitions used for analyzing oil and gas companies with this reference page.
  4. Fracking DefinitionThe Hydraulic Fracturing Process Explained. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the hydraulic fracturing process, including the advantages and disadvantages of this method used to extract oil and natural gas from deep underground rock formations.
  5. Oil and Gas Exploration CompaniesThe 3 Phases of Oil and Gas Drilling Explained. Gain insight into the working methods used by oil and gas exploration companies with an explanation of the 3 phases of oil and gas drilling.

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