UndervaluedEquity.com – Reports

In this section you will find links to all the original reports that I have used to create the information presented on UndervaluedEquity.com.

Thus far I have included the following reports:

  1. CIM Definition Standards – For Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves – The CIM Definition Standards on mineral resources and reserves establish definitions and guidelines for the reporting of exploration information, mineral resources and mineral reserves in Canada.
  2. Does Short Selling Amplify Price Declines or Align Stocks with their Fundamental Values? – According to this report from Asher Curtis and Neil Farger the average short interest is 2.4%.
  3. Guidelines for Determining the Tax Treatment of Certain Exploration Expenses – Guidelines for determining the tax treatment of certain mineral exploration expenses regarding environmental studies, community consultation and feasibility studies.
  4. Increasing Global Non Renewable Natural Resource Scarcity – This report reveals that increasing global Non Renewable Natural Resource (NNR) scarcity is the most daunting problem confronting humanity today.
  5. National Instrument 43-101: Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects – The most frequently used international reporting standard is Canada’s National Instrument 43-101 (NI 43-101). Read all about this reporting standard here.
  6. Tax-Loss Selling and the January Effect – This report provides evidence that year-end tax-loss selling by investors accounts for a large proportion of the January effect.
  7. Understanding Disclosure Documents – Disclosure documents give you key information about a company’s plans, its people, businesses and finances. In this report you will read all you need to know about these documents.

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