Monitor Your Portfolio – How to Monitor Your Stock Portfolio with Google Alerts

Every investor should monitor their stock portfolio closely. Every press release, blog post or other media release can have an enormous effect on the value of your individual stock holdings. Therefore it is very important to receive news about the companies in your portfolio as soon as possible.

On this page I describe how to use a simple, but highly effective tool which can help you monitor your portfolio: Google Alerts.

Setting Up Google Alerts to Monitor Your Stock Portfolio

Google Alerts are powerful news alerts which are very easy to set up.

First, you need to go to and log in with your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account yet, you should create it as you want to manage your alerts in the future.

Now you are ready to create the alerts for each of the companies in your portfolio. I recommend that you use the settings which are shown in the table below.

Monitor Your Portfolio with Google Alerts

 Google Alerts Options  Recommended Settings
 Search query:  “Company Name
 Result type:  Everything
 How often:  As-it-happens
 How many:  All results
 Deliver to:  “Your Email Address

That’s it! From now on, every time a news item is published on the world-wide-web about the specific company you created a Google Alert for, it will be delivered to your email address directly.

Note: I personally monitor my watchlist with Google Alerts too. This way I’m immediately informed about the news related to all the stocks I’m interested in. I have created an extra email address to where all the Google Alerts are sent too, so that it’s clear to me that I have to read these incoming emails at once.

Note: If you would like to know how you can receive free alerts to track the change in American or Canadian insider ownership, you can click on the links provided.

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