Insider Trading USA – 2 Free Resources for Tracking the Change in American Insider Ownership

When conducting due diligence to determine if a particular American listed stock is suitable for my portfolio, I always research recent insider trading activity. In this article, I will share two free resources that can assist in monitoring changes in American insider ownership.


For tracking insider trading in the USA, you can visit the website of, which offers various insights into insider trading activity in American stocks through the following subpages:

Insight Subpage
Realtime insider trading report for all American stocks Realtime Insider Trading Report
Insider trading history of a specific company Company List
Insider trading history of a specific corporate officer List of Corporate Officers
Insider trading history of a specific company director List of Company Directors


If you need information about insider trading and ownership of a specific American listed company, you should visit the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) website at After clicking the “More Options” button and filling in the ‘Company name’ or ‘Ticker Symbol’ and selecting the ‘Only’ option regarding the Ownership Forms 3, 4, and 5, you will be able to access all the insider trading reports and insider ownership forms of an American listed company of your choice.

Cautionary Note: Although I recognize the importance of insider trading information, I am cautious when drawing conclusions about insider trading that occurs in (late) December due to the January Effect.

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