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San Gold Corporation - Stock Chart and Share Statistics

Share Statistics as of July 12, 2014

Share Data

Share Price (CAD $)  0.15 
Common Shares Outstanding (MRQ1


Total New Shares Issued  NA 
Total Common Shares Outstanding  373,390,981 
Total Restricted Shares  NA 
Total Shares Held by Corporate Insiders2  1,807,864 - 
Total Shares Held by 3-10% Security Holders2  7,957,498 - 
Total Float  363,625,619 


Financial Data

Market cap3  (373,390,981 x 0.15 =) 56.01 Million 
Tangible Book Value per Share4  ((133,080,237 - 0 - 0) / 373,390,981) = 0.356 
Net Current Assets per Share5  ((34,498,991 - 10,221,991) / 373,390,981) = 0.065 


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1 Most Recent Quarter (MRQ): March 31, 2014

2 For more details, I refer you to San Gold Corporation's Insider Ownership Assessment page.

3 Market cap = Total Common Shares Outstanding x Share Price

4 Tangible Book Value per Share = (Total Equity - Goodwill - Intangibles) / Total Common Shares Outstanding

5 Net Current Assets per Share = (Total Current Assets - Total Current Liabilities) / Total Common Shares Outstanding

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