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San Gold Corporation - Insider Trading Analysis

San Gold Corporation - Insider Trading Analysis

Insider Trading Analysis until July 12, 2014

For more information about how to track the change in Canadian insider ownership, please visit the following page: Insider Trading Canada - 3 Free Resources for Tracking the Change in Canadian Insider Ownership.

To find out how I interpret the secret information revealed by insider transactions, I recommend you to read the article about insider stock trading.

The following information was found on the website of SEDI for the period January 1, 2013 until July 12, 2014 and relates to the insider trading in common shares.

Name Insider  Registered Holder (if different)  Transaction Date  Shares Acquired or Disposed  Share Price  Total Shares Held 
Anderson, Michael    2013-04-22  +11,000  0.20  15,000 
  2013-04-23  +10,000  0.20  25,000 
  2013-12-18  +10,000  0.105  35,000 
Berzins, Ian Martin    2013-04-16  +65,000  0.2145  180,500 
  2013-04-17  +40,000  0.17  220,500 
  2013-07-04  +25,000  0.11  245,500 
  2013-08-22  +45,000  0.16  290,500 
Brennan, Robert Brian    2013-05-06  +50,000  0.185  50,000 
Ginn, Dale    2013-04-16  +20,000  0.20  1,326,140 
Harapiak, Stephen William    2013-04-22  +100,000  0.195  100,000 
Kristjansson, Gestur    2013-06-2  +20,000  0.10  71,724 
Michaud, Michael Julien    2013-06-27  +75,000  0.105  75,000 
Power, Michael    2013-05-23  +100,000  0.125  119,000 
Wynne, Hugh  Madeleine Wynne  2013-05-15  +136,000  0.135  136,000 
Wynne Drilling Ltd.  2013-05-15  +145,000  0.135  295,000 
2013-04-17  +39,000  0.17  7,826,779 
2013-04-17  +35,000  0.175  7,861,779 
2013-05-15  +93,000  0.135  7,954,779 

My Commentary and Conclusion Regarding this Insider Trading Analysis

In the following table, I have summarized the insider transactions from the period January 1, 2013 until July 12, 2014 and included the cumulative ownership data from the article: San Gold Corporation - Insider Ownership Assessment.

Name Insider  Total Shares Acquired or Disposed  Total Shares Held  % Ownership Change 
Anderson, Michael  +31,000  35,000  +775.0% 
Brennan, Robert Brian  +50,000  50,000  +100.0% 
Friesen, Tim  NA  NA  NA 
Gibson, Gregory  NA 
Ginn, Dale  +20,000  1,356,140  +1.5% 
Harapiak, Stephen William  +100,000  100,000  +100% 
Kristjansson, Gestur  +20,000  71,724  +38.7% 
Michaud, Michael Julien  +75,000  75,000  +100% 
Power, Michael  +100,000  119,000  +526.3% 
Rai, Mandeep  1,000  NA 
Total  +396,000  1,807,864  +28.0% 

As all the insiders who have traded in the Company's shares only bought shares recently, I consider this a bullish signal, as insiders only buy shares if they think the price will rise. Overall, the insiders increased their ownership in the company by 28.0%.

As you can see, I excluded the insider trading data of Mr. Berzins and Mr. Wynne, as they are no longer a corporate insider of the company.


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