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San Gold Corporation - Company Profile

San Gold Corporation - Company Profile

Company Description as of July 1, 2014

San Gold Corporation is a junior gold producer, producing between 75.000 and 85.000 ounces of gold in the past three years.

Mining operations are located in the Rice Lake Greenstone Belt, 250 km northeast of Winnipeg in Bissett, Manitoba, Canada. The Rice Lake Mine, which has formed the core of mining operations since 1931, now provides an extensive network of workings that extends deep below the surface and accesses a large number of ore bodies.

Many new high-grade, near surface discoveries have been made recently outside the project's historic mining unit in the Hinge district, the 007 deposit, in the Hanging Wall deposits and along the Normandy Creek Shear. Production has increased rapidly as these new discoveries have been brought online.

San Gold Corporation's current resource base consits of 555,600 measured and indicated ounces of gold (of which 405,400 oz Au are in the proven and probable category) and an additional inferred resource of 2.4 million ounces of gold. In addition, the company has control over a 400 square kilometers land package in this prospective gold belt, which offers a lot of brownfield exploration potential for expanding the current resource base.

Corporate Information as of July 1, 2014

Investor contact  Tim Friesen, MBA 
Email  tim.friesen@sangold.ca 
Telephone  1 (855) 585-4653 
Head office  212 - 1661 Portage Avenue 
Winnipeg MB
Website  http://www.sangold.ca 


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