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Platinum ETF - The Best Platinum ETFs (List)

Platinum ETF - The Best Platinum ETFs (List)

After comparing similar platinum ETFs on the four characteristics described on the ETF Finder page, I have included the best platinum ETFs in the table below. In the note at the bottom of this page I have revealed in which of these platinum ETFs - if any - I am considering to invest myself.

I have obtained most of the data from the issuer's website, which you can verify by clicking on the link in the Details column. However, I have also used Yahoo Finance's ETF Finder and ETF Database's ETF Screener to find and compare interesting data about the best platinum ETFs. Yahoo Finance's ETF Finder and ETF Database's ETF Screener can be found by clicking on the links provided.

These resources will not only help you to find the ETFs mentioned in the table below, but you can also find relevant multiplier futures based ETFs. These platinum multiplier ETFs aim to realise two to three times the (inverse) daily price difference. Because these ETFs aim to realise two to three times the (inverse) daily price difference, I consider these instruments only suitable for day traders, not for investors.

For the stock based platinum ETFs I recommend you to inform yourself about the portfolio holdings, before making the actual investment - just to inform yourself in which individual platinum companies you are actually investing.

The Best Platinum ETFs (List)

Ticker Symbol  Name  Exposure Type  Type of Mineral Exposure  Issuer  Details  Alternative ETF(s) 
PLTM  First Trust ISE Global Platinum Index  Platinum Miners  Stock Based  First Trust  click here 
SPPP  Physical Platinum and Palladium Trust  Minerals  Physically Backed  Sprott Physical Bulion Trust  click here 
PPLT  Physical Platinum Shares  Minerals  Physically Backed  ETF Securities  click here 


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Note: As explained in the second note on the ETF Finder page I prefer to do my own stock picking myself, in stead of buying a stock based mineral ETF. Although I must conclude that when I want exposure to the price of platinum, the best platinum ETF is PLTM, I probably find myself more comfortable with investing in some of the individual holdings of this stock based mineral ETF. When I choose to invest in an ETF as an instrument to invest in platinum directly, I buy SPPP as I found that this ETF is really physically backed by gold (see the cautionary note on the ETF Finder page).

Cautionary Note: Always check for yourself if the four characteristics described on the ETF Finder page will still result in the same conclusions as to which platinum ETF is the best platinum ETF to invest in, as the information in the table could be outdated when you read this page. The last time I updated this data was in November, 2013.



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